Monday, July 30, 2012


 Well the Olympics are here again and this time in London! We watched the opening ceremony with all of the fire works and lights, what a thrill!
 The stadium where the ceremony took place....
And the London Bridge with the 5 rings of the Olympics.

Here is the HUGE!!!!!!! firework show they had to open the Olympics! Hope all of you enjoy the coming events!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Happy 4th Brithday!

 Our sister Goosie Girl celebrated her 4th birthday! She really likes Clifford the big red dog, and so that was her birthday theme.Her cake was an ice cream cake, it was a chocolate gram cracker crust, with strawberry and coffee ice cream, and whipped cream ( and boy was it delicious!!!!!)
 Her main gift was a doll house camper! We all pack up our doll house cars and go camping together,  so now with a second camper means more room to pack!!
 This a tradition to hang streamers by the birthday girl/boy's door.Goosie Girl joyfully ran to and fro through the hanging streamers as it snapped some pic's.
And here is CLIFFORD THE BIG RED DOG as he also celebrated Goosie Girl's birthday! Happy Birthday dear little sister, we love you very much, you bring happiness and cuteness into our house!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Doll House and Tiny Food!

 So, for the past couple weeks, we have had some really HOT weather!!! Hair Stylist, Tapper and I on hot days like these play doll house with our siblings. Now who can't love doll house! These are the collection of houses we have from garage sales, new, and used. We have lot's of people and furniture so a lot of us kids can play at once. Here is our Victorian house.....

 Here is the grandma of all of our houses(the very first house that started the collection)

THE MANSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Ranch....

And we make food for our doll house! We recently felt that our people had to have more than pizza and pop to live off. I'm sure you all can figure out what food we made in these pictures...

 Pancakes(that were a bit of a mess up) 3 leaf clover rolls, and bagels with cream cheese....

And enchiladas. Hope you enjoy this post! Stay in tuned with Jesus always.

Signing off:Sapphire

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Are you grateful?

Are you grateful today??
Yesterday we were at the beach, and as we were packing up, a family was walking across the beach with their stuff. A girl(I'm assuming their daughter) was using crutches, had a brace on, and was bald and looked an unhealthy skinny. I suddenly said a prayer, thanking God for the healthy life he has given me. And also felt amazed that this girl would go beyond her health condition to have a day at the beach with her family. So this day are you grateful for the healthy body God has given you? Keep in mind that their are kids, and people who are suffering everyday from disease and yet try to live life to the fullest. Remember to say a prayer for them today in the midst of your life.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


For all of you ladies that commented THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! I figured out that I have to check the comments before putting them out. I thought something was wrong and I am a bit new at the whole blogging thing! So sorry everybody, I was being a Fuddy Duddy! We love getting comments, now that I know the problem is on my end!

Signing off Sapphire

"On Moonlight Bay"

Well here is the post that's been taking me(Sapphire) quite a time! On Moonlight Bay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you have never seen this adorable, sweet, movie it is a must!!!!!!!
It starts as the Winfield family moves into a different neighborhood. Doris is this tomboy, rough and tough.
 The first day in the new neighborhood, starts with her in a game of baseball. Though a girl she shows those boy's good!
 Her brother and a new friend are in the barn, trying to shoot off an antique Jessie James gun. Doris seeing them, runs, grabs it away, and as she shoots it off, Gordon McRae is right in front of the door. Seeing them, he gets angry and as the other boy's escape, he starts off by meeting Marjorie by three good swats on the bottom.( Mind you he doesn't realize it is a girl till the 3 swat)

That night he comes to call and take her out.
 Don't they look absolutely sweet together!!!!!!!!
 They go dancing(though Doris doesn't know much about dancing), and play games.
 As Marjorie asks Bill inside for some buttermilk, he tells her that he doesn't believe in marriage. During the black out with the power, they have their first kiss.
After that night, they see each other more, but soon Bill has to go off to collage.

 Marjorie writes him letters and looks forward to him coming home for a dance.
While Bill is away Marjorie learns to dance. A clip about this part is below.
Well...... This was the only picture I could find with Hubert in it(the weird guy in the back of the bike) Also while Bill was away, this guy sees Marjorie. Nothing comes of it so don't worry.

So after the snowball fight Marjorie has with the boys, she breaks her leg.
She calls William(Bill) and tells him not to come to the dance. Well throughout this movie and the sequel, Wesley (Doris brother) tells a tall-tale to his teacher about his Dad(based off of a movie he saw). He says that his father has taken to beating the family and that is how Marjorie broke her leg. Well  Bill comes to town in hoping to surprise Marjorie, and bumps into Wesley's teacher. After hearing what has happened he comes storming into their house and falsely accuses Mr. Winfield of being a drunk. All is forgiven, and the years go by and Bill is graduated. The day of graduation, Marjorie tells her Father (during the ceremony) that Bill doesn't believe in marriage. So Mr. Winfield drags the family out of the ceremony, and to their surprise, half of the class is going to war, including Bill!!!!!
On Wesley's birthday, as you can tell from Doris face that she is unhappy with the parting she and Bill had.
Surprisingly, Bill shows up on Wesley's birthday. Marjorie is fully convinced to go with him to Europe. But Bill being sensible, says that life in the army is no place for a woman.

So Marjorie walks him to the gate and says goodbye. Mrs. Winfield is frustrated at her husband's response to her daughter's lover. Anyway(I am trying NOT!!! to give anything away) something happens which makes Mr. Winfield have a change of heart. Calling over to the Sherman's house(Bill) he makes amends, and Marjorie and Bill have a happy farewell.
So here they are for the ending of this film as Bill goes off to war. Our whole family LOVES this movie. The chemistry between Doris and Gordon is so special. They make such a cute couple!!!! So here is another have-to-see-movie, it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. And yet so innocent compared to all of the movies that come out nowadays.
Here are a few clips from the movie I thought you all would enjoy.

This was the only( On Moonlight Bay I could find with Doris Day) There is other scenes entangled in this movie but I didn't want to give it away( especially to those who haven't seen it yet) I hope you have enjoyed this post!!!!!!!!!!!!

Signing off Sapphire