Friday, June 28, 2013

Goosie Girl,the laundry, and I.

 Sapphire: I went outside to hang our laundry, when Goosie girl came bounding towards me and asked if she could help me with with my task. Of course I said yes, another hand is always great! As you can see I had to place her on my shoulders in order for her to help clip on the clothes.

As we were putting on clothes we were also taking some off. Goosie girl got all piled up in the clean laundry.  How sweet a task can be with a little sister!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Going On A Trip.

 Sapphire: We girl's and our Mom took a trip to see our cousin and her two adorable kids.  Here we are picking up our rental car for the trip.
 Hair Stylist and little Naomi isn't she just too sweet!
 Me and Judah( just as cute right?)
 I enjoyed pushing them around on this little cart.
 Tapper and Naomi, she was so content and went to all of us girls.

 The next day we took a walk around the block.
 Annnnnnndddd..... We took cutie-pie with us.
 Our cousin took us all to a beautiful outdoor garden. They had tons of varieties of roses, these are some of the pictures I got.

 Little Goosie Girl and Me.
 There was a little house painted with frogs.  Hair Stylist decided to hang up her hat as we went in.
 Ahhhh yes it was called Granny's House.
 A little tunnel of branches through the garden.
Hair Stylist, Naomi, and Tapper at the park where we had lunch.

 Our cousin Brittany, Judah, and all us ladies.

Goosie Girl and Hair Stylist enjoyed the chair swing.

We had such fun getting to see our cousin and taking a little get-away.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Vintage Fashion Show.

 Sapphire: Hair Stylist, Music Man, and I went and dressed up for a fashion show at a local assisted living. We were all fitted the day before, so that the next day we would all know what to wear. I got to wear this lovely 1930's summer dress, with purple gloves, beads, hat, and pink clip-on earrings.
 Here is Hair Stylist in a  lacy 1900's  dress, with sun bonnet and vintage shoes.
 I got to wear this neat 1950's poodle-skirt with a red scarf, belt( which didn't fit too well :) a locket, and bracelets.
 Hair Stylist and I styled as 1960 Pedal Pushers. As you can see the outfits included bright colored pants, floppy sun hats, and big sunglasses. We had fun adding personality to each outfit and also blessing the older folks.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cartwheel Fun!!

 Hair Stylist: Sapphire and I were outside trying to teach the littles how to do a Cartwheel and surprisingly they got the hang of it and did really well!. While they were practicing Sapphire and I just started  to do this thing with our leg, and I looked it up [what we were doing] and its kind of a Scorpion except not really! but we were just having fun so don't judge we aren't  gymnast or cheerleaders so its not very good but I thought Sapphire did surprisingly well and I wanted to get a picture for memory and share it with you girls.
And here is me lol! While Sapphire was taking the picture I kept falling down [I guess I'm not very good at balancing!]. We had a lot of fun doing this and glad we could share it with you. We will not be posting for about a week, we're heading out on a mini vacation with our mom.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Cuddle Time!

 Hair Stylist: Here are just a couple of pictures cuddling with the cute cat "Frank". Goosie Girl loves Frank and this picture shows it.
 Here he is laying at the bottom of my feet,
 And this is my favorite picture of him, look at that face so precious.
This last picture is Tapper and Lucy [her dog] who is sooooooooooooo cute. Tapper and I love our animals a lot and love to cuddle with them.

Saturday, June 1, 2013


 Hair Stylist: So by the title you may be thinking what is town well............How you play? Everyone picks an occupation to be then you have to set up your own store, hotel, restaurant etc... and you play. We have Open and Close signs and when you are closed you normally go and visit anyone else who is playing town with you and ether buy something from the Toy Shop or go to the Post office, Bank etc.TIP: When we play we try to do things that are easy to build nothing like a Grocery store or a Dentist. And the more people you have the funner! Above is Cars Boy and he is a toy shop.
 Here is Music Man and Goosie Girl and they are a restaurant called the Lighthouse [they did have a sign and a menu I just did not get a picture of it].
  Wii Boy and I did not really have a shop, we were just a Daycare who went around town and visited everyone else's shops.
And here are all the tired out baby's from going around town. This playing Town has been a lot of fun throughout the years and it is a good game to play if it is raining or snowing. The littles have a lot of fun playing town and even I have fun playing it too! I'm glad I could share this with you all and [maybe] it might be a hit in your house if you introduced this idea to any of your little siblings. It keeps them busy BUT it does make quite a mess which is okay is long is your having fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!