Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The U.S.S. Badger Boat Trip. Part.2

 So after we landed, my Dad took us to Bay Beach. It is a little amusement park in Green Bay.

 Hair Stylist and Tapper while waiting to go down the giant slide. We all liked to wait so that we can go together:)
The park has only one roller coaster called the Zippin Pippen....
It was Elvis Presley's favorite roller coaster! It says on the sign that he rented it out for an entire day!
Little Cars Boy aboard a helicopter .
Here's the crew( besides me who was behind the camera:)

Music Man, Hair Stylist and Tapper aboard the Scrambler. At the end of the ride they were all laughing so hard, with no reason why except that it was funny to watch Music Man get shoved up against the side while the girls laughed their heads off and tried to pull back!!!!

Cars Boy going down the slide once again.

It was very warm the day we went, somewhere in the high 80's for sure. We were all quite sweaty and hot by the time we left.
They all got on the Scrambler again, only this time my Dad got on too. They all regretted it after it was over though cause this time they got a little..... well.... sick.

Music Man, Cars Boy and I while waiting on the Ferris Wheel.


Here are 2 video's of us at the park. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The U.S.S. Badger Boat Trip.

 Sapphire: Our Dad took some of us kids on the ferry ride that goes from Michigan to Wisconsin. We had to wake up at 5:00 and get in the car, then drive a couple hours to where the boat was launching. Now keep in mind that it was the first time any of us kids were on a boat.
 Here she is The U.S.S. Badger. Before it became a ferry as it is now, the boat used to be a transportation for railroad engines. Down below where they put on cars, you can still see the railroad tracks that the trains used to ride on to get inside the boat.
 Waiting in-line to get our tickets.
 Cars Boy climbing the stairs to the upper deck.
 We had a room( though the boat ride is only 4 hours). It was tiny!!! About the size of a small half-bathroom:)

 The ride over was wonderful and soo smooth. The boat had a Theater, Arcade room, Gift shop, Museum, Children's Room( which was sort of like a mini nursery) and two foods areas.
 Cars Boy and Music Man playing a deer hunting game.
 All of us out on the deck before launching.
Music Man and Tapper coloring in the children's area.

 Hair Stylist and I out on deck.

It was nice to walk around the deck, we all took several walks during the ride.

 Compliments of Cars Boy, I had him take this picture.

A video of us getting off the boat in Wisconsin, Lot's more coming!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Vegetables, Canning, Cutting, and Cooking.

 Sapphire: We have been gathering all of the fresh produce from our garden and are transforming all of it into canned goods to enjoy during the long winter to come. We include peppers and onions in with these tomato's to make salsa... YUM!!!
 Hair Stylist gives a dramatic flair to the cutting of her pepper.
 Tapper has also been canning dill pickles, which we all love!
 Music Man and I. Yes ladies we had some of our brothers help with the cutting of these numerous tomato's.
The day that we were canning, it was thundering and lighting outside. It was one of those days where you are up and busy, but yet the outside looks like night-time. We are still in the process of canning, and now we are doing tomato sauce to enjoy as tomato soup for winter.