Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Going On the town with the Little ones!

 Me(Sapphire) and my Mom took the little kids out to town(you know it was just one of those days when you want to get out of the house).

 We stopped in at Target to get Music Man and Cars Kid some shoes.
 Cars Kid proudly holds his selected box of shoes.
 Our mall has a Merry-go-round, so we took them there to get on. Wii Boy and Cars Kid smile as they go around.
 Music Man's goat was named Billy the Billy goat, Goosie Girl's was Goldie, and mine was Buttercup. I got on to supervise my little sister(though I did have fun who couldn't right?)
 Cars Kid and Music Man show off their new shoes.
 We went to Culver's to get some ice cream. Music Man got chocolate ice cream, with Carmel, and Butterfingers crushed on top. I had what they call a "cement mixer" which is chocolate ice cream, mixed in with Andes candies. Goosie Girl had vanilla ice cream with hot fudge and Andes candies.

Cars Kid had the same as Goosie girl. Our Mom had the special, Toffee Pecan with Carmel. Wii Boys had vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, and M+M's.It was all sooo yummy!

After all of that ice cream, we took them to a park, in order that they would work off all that sugar.

Cars Kid enjoyed the sliding bars.
Music Man liked the uneven bars.
I played around with my camera while watching the kids play.I thought this pic turned out well considering I was using my little Kodak camera.

Goosie girl ran up the hill to the park and I had her stand in front of the large and fun play set. We had a fun filled day, with memories and love.Thanks Mom for the idea!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happy Labor Day!!

 Okay so this is really late on account of my computer. But anyway... My parents organized a Labor Day picnic at a local park with some friends.It was nice because each family brought their own lunch, plus something to share.
 Cars Boy waits on the play set for everyone to arrive.The day was incredibly hot, to be exact 88 degrees! Everybody was hot, sweaty, and red!
 Hair Stylist roller blades around the park with a boy and girl from church.
 Our Dad was the pitcher for our team. We older people played a game of baseball while the mom's occupied the little kids so that we could play a somewhat of a real game.
 Carley and Julia were on our Dad's team together.
 Tapper, Me and Carley wait to bat.
 Mary Caroline and I, she was against me!
 Some of us kids cheer on the teammate at bat.
 Wii boy enjoys a sugar cookie that Tapper made. They were pink circles with sprinkles everybody thought that they were play dough!
 Some of the girls..
 Tapper, Hair Stylist, Silas(the little kid without a shirt) Me, and Jamie cram together on the slide.
Our Mom had the little kids occupied with this big parachute! It was a lovely hot day, and a great way to spend Labor Day! Thanks Mom and Dad for the idea!

Opps Sorry.....

My computer has been down for awhile(the battery wasn't working and I couldn't turn it on) so I wasn't able to post. But now it is alive again YEAH!!!!!!! So you all will be seeing some more posts, stay tuned.........

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


 Some friends from church had extra tickets to our local baseball stadium, and so we decided to go with them.
 Goosie girl and I sat together and enjoyed some pink cotton candy!!!!
 Tapper and Wii Boy sharing some blue cotton candy.
 Hair Stylist watching the game.
 We never get cotton candy, and so Goosie girl really enjoyed it and thought at first that it felt kinda weird.
 My chair number..
 Mary Caroline, her sister Christiana and I before watching the awesome firework show that they put on after every game.
 We watched through this big net, I thought it looked really neat when I took the picture.
We stayed till 10:00, and by then the moon was already out. Sorry the pic is a bit blurry, I was using my little camera that night.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to School!

Today is the official 1st day of school!!Hope everyone is ready to learn and go into different grades! May God bless you all with your studies, and may you lean on him for guidance and help.

signing off:Sapphire