Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Encourage with a Smile!

Well hello again ladies! It seems that life has me on and off again with blogging, but hopefully I am back for awhile! Anyway to start with, I hope that you all are enjoying the New Year and the most recent holiday Easter, which always brings a time for you to awaken your spiritual walk with God again. And that is the way it has been for me. I am again finding joy and excitement in God's word and am focusing on trying to live my life for Christ. For my devotion I have been finding many good things that apply to my life as a young christian homemaker. The book I am reading is the ever so well known Beautiful Girlhood!

It has sooooo much to apply to your christian walk with Christ that I recommend it to every girl. One of my favorite chapters is one on having a" Sunny Disposition". Now I'm sure that we all would think this is hard to do. To deal with everyday life doing school( especially subjects you may not like), chores( the kind you wish someone else would have gotten), and the struggles with siblings seems to daunt the true sunshine that could be in your everyday. I will say that if you keep on trying, you will eventually gain a sunny disposition. But this sunshine must be from within." A girl who is full of smiles is like a fountain of joy to all who know her" . It is a wonderful gift to be able to smile and know that God is there to help and  guide you through this smile to make is sincere. I find it very easy to be smiley and joyful when everything is good, but when your little sibling nags at you, that's when the real christian in your heart comes to its fullest point. Being loving to one who is causing you trouble is a very hard thing to do. But if you can turn away from it with a smile and even a loving remark then I must say that you have truly mastered it.