Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Blueberry picking.

 We went Blueberry picking a couple of weeks ago. The day was warm and the berries were perfect!

 Hair Stylist picking her bucket.

 Cars Boy doing his best..
 Ha Ha, Tapper picked all of these herself!!!!!!
And Music Man picking away. We picked quite a few buckets and were able to go a couple more times. We froze most of them and Tapper made a Blueberry pie out of what we didn't freeze.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

To Frankenmuth!

We went to the Frankenmuth Summer Music Festival. There we enjoyed polka music and dancing.  Hair Stylist and I, our mom and dad and Music Man stopped at our favorite Chinese Restaurant and ate a delicious meal. Forbbiden City has the best Chinese food ever and we stopped in for lunch.
Here is Hair Stylist and I while waiting for our food. The day we drove down it was POURING RAIN, I mean it was coming down in sheets!
Just some of the Chinese decor that was there....
A beaded fish curtain...
Hair Stylist with our cousin Joseph.
Joseph and Music Man played a song together. My Uncle has a Polka band and his son is Joseph.
Us girls with some of our cousins.
Our cousin's pants were too big for him, and so we found a piece of rope to use. Hair Stylist tightens up the make-up-belt.

This was the hotel that we stayed at.
 The second day we had time to get in the hotel pool. It was pretty chilly out ( 65')and the pool wasn't heated very well but we enjoyed the little time that we had in it.
Our second day at the festival, there was a homeschool family that my mom and dad knew. This was thier youngest child, and he was such a cutie! We had a fun time and left late that day.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Birthday 1000

Thanks to everyone who enjoys taking a look at our blog! Today we celebrate our blogs' 1000 page view anniversary!!!!!!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Trampoline Time!!!

 So yesterday I was outside photographing some flowers out in our Mom's flower garden( another post to come) and my little sister Goosie Girl and brother Wii Boy were jumping on our trampoline. I thought it would be neat to do some action shots! Soon Hair Stylist came and asked to do some for the camera, so here a couple pictures of what I took.
 Cars kid finishing off a flip..
 Goosie Girl jumping around.....
 Hair Stylist just sitting around in the air...
 We tried to make it look like Hair Stylist was sitting on Cars Kid shoulders, I think we got pretty close(it was hard cause with each bounce it made Cars Kid move a little to the side one way)
 WOW!!! A big giant walking towards the trampoline....

Here's SUPERMAN!!!!!

Running into action!!!
Splits TIME!!!!
Goosie Girl......

Sleeping in the air.....
Superwoman flying into the yard!!!

Wii Boy finishing off his twist!!! We have lots going on so hopefully I will get some more post's out soooooonnn!!!!!