Sunday, April 28, 2013


Hair Stylist: Spring is officially here!!!!!. The snow is finally gone, there are a couple of snow patches but its basically all melted away and today we enjoyed some 70 degree weather. We all enjoyed wearing short sleeve shirts and  working outside, it was nice. I'm glad spring is here but best of all I know it is when I.........................................
 See Robins and hear them whistle their happy tune in the morning,
  You see or know somewhere there are new baby animals born,
Flowers are starting to bloom everywhere,
 And the sun is shinning everyday. Thank you God for the beautiful weather that we can enjoy. [By the way  I didn't take any of these pictures they were all just random].

Monday, April 22, 2013

My New Look

 Hair Stylist: "Today was a very special day for me. I got my braces off!!!!!!! Here is a before shot, braces and all.
 Here is me with my new smile and our orthodontist.
Drum roll.............Tada!!!!!!!! And here is the after shot. Yes I'm very happy and am enjoying the freedom from my braces. When I got them off I couldn't stop smiling [not like I didn't smile before].

Our Animals

Hair Stylist: "I don't think I've introduced to you our animals. We have a cat a dog and chickens[ but I don't count them as a pet]. This is a picture of my cat named "Frank"[sorry about my hand in the way].
I don't have very good pictures of him because he is........ very very very skittish, he has green eyes that are normally very wide except when he sleeps of course, as you can see he kind of looks like a Raccoon with out a mask, he has a very bushy tail, he loves me and won't go to anyone else, he gets frisky sometimes, and at night he will sharpen his nails at the end of my bed at like five in the morning and it gets annoying. He is very cute to me and he is nine years old.
Here is a picture of my sister Tappers dog her name is "Lucy". She is friendly, protective likes to eat a lot and sometimes has weight problems lol, she is lazy, and has brown eyes.She loves her master Tapper and she is three years old, and loves Cheese!. She likes to play and chase the little kids around.
I love this picture of her.Look at that face awhhhhh so CUTE.
Here's Tapper and Lucy. They look so happy together.
And last but not least here are the two of them together. They are best friends even though Frank is becoming an old man.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Random Girl stuff

Hair Stylist: Here are just some random hairstyles I found that I did on my little sister.
 This Hairstyle I made up.
This is called The Bow Bun.
I did not make up this hairstyle. Her hair is thin so it was kind of hard to do but it does look like a bow:)
I did Goosie Girl's nails for Easter as you can see they look like Rabbits. [By the way she loves Rabbits.]
I only did the Rabbits on her thumbs and the rest of her nails I did polka dots.

All smiles and happy. She couldn't wait to show Everybody!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Crazy Curly Hair Day!

 Hair Stylist: "So to make the story short my sister Sapphire has really thick hair and it is sort of short and normally when I try to curl her hair when it's long it just falls out and looks like she just got out of bed. So  we thought with her hair being short it might work better. Well the problem was it curled to well. [Sorry about the messy background it was at night.]
 This is the next morning when I took them out. I hadn't done anything to them yet................
What I did was I ran my fingers through her hair and this is what it looked like lol.......Good thing she wasn't going anywhere that day:) Thank's Sapphire for letting me experiment.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Last Summer Rapunzel Stuff

Hair Stylist: Here are some pictures from last year that involve the Tangled them. Here is a picture of my little sister's hair I did on her last year. Yes it is the Rapunzel hair from the movie. [Yes I did do her hair.]
Here is a picture of  the Sun from the Tangled movie. I tried to recopy it out of chalk.
And here is Rapunzel. It didn't turn out to well but I thought" Hey for it being made out of chalk I didn't do to bad. Do you see pascal?

I just love this picture how she looks like" Oooo he looks so cute and he's just like "What ever........lame. Cute story:"Any time I do my little sister Goosie Girl's hair she always says "My hair getting long like Punzel hair?[And yes she says Punzel not Rapunzel.] And she also says "When I get bigger my hair going to get long long long...... So yes I assume she wants long hair BUT! the other day we watched Madeline and she said "Mom I want my hair cut like that girl in that movie we watched. The life of my little sister changing her mind about her hair I think it's cute. Well thank's for letting me tell my little story I love my little sister alot and she brings alot of Joy and Laughter and of course Cuteness in are house.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Girl's Getaway

"Hey girls it's Hair stylist today I thought I would give Sapphire a little break. So recently us girls went to a hotel with are mom for a little getaway and boy I'll tell you it was nice. We got there and had to wait for our room  so we waited in the lobby area.
 Here is Sapphire with her Cherry coffee.
 Here is our over view. We were on the fifth floor.
Here is sapphire in the jacuzzi tub[look at all those bubbles.]
We girls enjoyed the pool and our little sister Goosie Girl learned how to swim without a life saving device. It was a very fun time and we all had a blast.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring is here........ for now!

 We are experiencing some lovely weather. Not exactly warm, but nice enough to go out for a breath of fresh air without having to worry about snow being blow into your face.
 Our trees are awaiting the final cold spell to start budding.
 The bright sun feels so good!!!!!
 Our little Goosie Girl started learning how to ride without training wheels today. She did quite well.... she would ride a little bit, then start to turn, and grab herself with her foot..... and fall. Good job Goosie girl!!! Thank you Lord for giving us the hope of spring through your creation.