Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Spring Time.

 Spring is coming slowly, and we still are having some pretty cold days. But as they say" April showers bring May flowers".... So last evening after a quick rain shower I ran outside and took some pictures of the dew covered flowers and trees around outside.

 Some of the trees around our house are starting to bud.

 I was fortunate to capture a quick picture of this robin sitting high above in a tree.

The clouds, sprinkled with a little blue sky here and there.

When the sunlight hit the dew drops on this pine tree it looked like Christmas lights. So pretty! Thank you God for your spring rain, and for all the beauty that surrounds us each day through your creation.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A little bit of Paris.

 A traveler's destination point, Paris remains one of the most top cities for tourists. Throughout this post I'll share a few facts about this vintage city....
 French is the second most studied language in the world, next to English.
The word Crayola comes from a French word meaning "oily chalk"
 The Louvre Museum is the most visited art gallery and museum in the world. Inside there is 35,000 pieces of art and 380,000 objects. The most valued piece of art in the museum is the original Mona Lisa by Leonardo da  Vinci. It is owned by the French government and worth 700 million dollars$$$$$$
There are more than 365 cheeses made in Paris.
 The flag of France has existed since 1794, and it is known as the Le Drapeau Tricolore( or the three colored flag)
The Eiffel Tower is 1,063 ft high and weighs a total of 10,100 tons. Until the 1930's it was the tallest building in the world, now its the tallest building in Paris.
The word Salut in French mean both "Hello" and "Goodbye"
Did you know that there is a Disneyland in Paris? And it was the second Disneyland outside of the United States to open.
The Millau Bridge is the tallest structure in all of France. At its tallest point it stands 1,125 ft off the ground. Now if you haven't ever seen what this bridge looks like then here is a picture. It is AMAZING!

France is the most visited city in the world, over 80 million visitors every year.
There is only 1 STOP sign throughout the entire city of Paris!
Here we've come to the end. And I hope that you enjoyed reading a little about Paris. Have a blessed day.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Truth and Encouragement.

Our God is with you always even in the midst of chores or school. And in those days where you feel that your struggles are so hard... remember" And surely I(JESUS) will be with you always... even to the every end of the age.. Matthew 28:20b." I have told you theses things so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But TAKE HEART........... I( JESUS) Have OVERCOME the world. John 16:33. So let Him be your guide, comfort, peace, and joy. That in each day whether hard or easy, you know where you faith stands. It stands on the Rock of your Salvation.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Good Friday/Easter/ Resurrection Sunday.

 I hope that you all had a rejoicing, and glorious Easter! Here I am sharing with you a bit of what we did over the season of Christ.
We got out some lovely china for our Easter dinner which was all so lovely.

 Cars Boy and Music Man coloring eggs.

 We enjoyed the many creative eggs that were made by the kids.
 A coconut cream pie that I made for part of our Easter food ensemble.
 A three part picture series of some Challah Bread I made. An Easter classic in our house, this sweet bread is always a big hit!

 We did an Easter egg hunt for the little kids.

 An finally... the finished dress. Goosie Girl looked so pretty, and thanks to my Mom and her assistance with attaching the zipper and bodice, we including some lace here and there and was finished with it just in time. Happy Easter everyone, I pray that we all will remember the importance of being thankful of what Jesus did for us. By dying on the cross and paying the price for our sins, and more importantly rising again that we may have freedom and grace through His blood, and Resurrection. God's Blessings!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Giving your heart to God

This picture was such an amazing reminder that when we give our hearts over to the Lord, its all He has ever wanted. Jesus wants us to love and know Him. May you be blessed this day with knowing that Christ Jesus loves you so much, He laid down His life and nailed all our sins to the cross. So that we could have access through the cross, to repent, pray, and be received into Christ's eternal kingdom. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Day two.... An Easter Dress.

 So here I am at day three, and the sleeves are finished, but the bodice is just pinned to the skirt. Which was a challenge in itself :) I can't wait to get the collar and zipper on. And add a few extra things!

Monday, April 14, 2014

An Easter Dress.

 Even though Easter is less than a couple days away, I have taken the commission to sew a new Easter dress for my little sister out of this lovely purple material.
 With some helpful answers from my experienced Mom, to my inexperienced questions , the project is in full swing, and through a day and an evening's work, here is the dress halfway done.

Friday, April 11, 2014

A Little Random from Life.

 Well, here I am with a random post, not at all what I was thinking of, but as of recently I haven't had much to post. But here is a little something...... A card I made for Easter, inspired from Pinterest.
 I am almost done with Little Women. As crazy as it sounds, I've read almost all of Louisa May Alcott's books except for Little Women. And alas.... I have two chapters left and how I've enjoyed it!
A new scarf my Mom found for me. I love it so very much, and can't wait to wear it out!

 And lastly to remember the reason of the season, that Jesus died for us, so let us worship our King and God!
Yes Jesus thank you for being soooo merciful in my life! And for taking my pain, and sorrow, to willingly give up your life for mine.