Wednesday, October 24, 2012


 All of us girls and Mom went down state for a wedding and resale shopping. We stopped in  go to Bronners, the LARGEST CHRISTMAS STORE IN THE WORLD!!!Enjoy the pictures!!!

 Piano's, Piano's, Piano's.......ahhh....

 Look very closely... tell me what you see in the comment form below.

 This was a mirror on the ceiling, can you see me???????

 All of us girls.
 Ahhh little Goosie girl makes an adorable elf.
 What's wrong with these smiley faces?? Braces right!!!

 A little paradise for Hair Stylist, she is using an ornament blow dryer and brush.


 We thought this little guy was cute!
 A smore as a cartoon.
 We are Beatles fans, and here is Tapper in front of their dedicated tree.

 We are also John Wayne fans, and love watching his movies.
 "His" dedicated tree.

 Goosie Girl with tinsel.

 Goosie girl fell in love with this little guy and said"ohhh he's soo chubby"!!!!

The store at night. We didn't make it through the whole store(unfortunately) cause from where  we were we  still had and hour and 1/2.  But it was soo lovely, I could defiantly get addicted to Christmas!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My 15th Birthday part 2.

So on my "real" birthday, my Dad and Music Man were away hunting and the rest of the kids and Mom were sooooooooooooo sweet and created this purple palace in our living room. They took apart our table shrinking it and carried it into the living room. There they hung purple everything(my favorite color), along with christmas lights and candles, it was sooooooooooooo pretty!!!!
We enjoyed a yummy lunch of BLT's and barbecue chips with hot tea.
Wii Kid and Goosie girl had their own little table.

I received many lovely gifts.
My little sister loves Clifford the Big Red Dog and so made me a birthday card of him, wasn't that just the sweetest thing??
Hair Stylist and Guitar Guy.
Me and Cars boy, how did he know to make me a card of my favorite animal?
Gutiar Guy and Goosie Girl.
Us four oldest kids.
For dinner, Mom made a gooey, oozy, cheesy, fondue, with sourdough bread, apples, and peppers.

And for desert, a yummy chocolate pie(that Tapper and Mom picked out for me, we always do cake so we \wanted to try something different). Thank you everyone for my wonderful birthday, I love you all sooooo very much, you mean the world to me.

My 15th Birthday part 1.

 So for my 15th birthday, my parents said that I was allowed to get my ears pierced. And so the day before my birthday, my Mom and I went out for the exciting occasion.(my "real" birthday was on a Saturday and both my Mom and I didn't want to go to town on a mad day like Saturday)
 We went to Claire's in the mall, here is the before shot.
 The lady had to clean my ears before piercing them. Then she had to mark the dots with a marker(which took a little bit cause she was learning how to do it)
 And the after shot!!!! I picked out really cute diamond studs. I was bursting with HAPPINESS!!!!

My outfit for the day was based off of my nails that I had painted purple with stick-on flowers in different colors.

 Mom took me to a piano shop so that I could play on some of the piano's. I have an 13 year old oak Baldwin upright, and lets just say that it's had its day.
 Behold the YAMAHA sign!!!
 Mom and I had a great time out, we love talking, laughing, and SHOPPING together(we both love to go resale shopping)
These were some clouds that were in the sky as we came out of a resale shop. I thoroughly enjoyed my day with Mom. There's more to come!!!!!